FREE! 40 Point Inspection Check

We Are Qualified & Certified


We are Enhanced CRB checked. Fully Insured. Full National Standards Qualifications –  City and Guilds.

Note; This report is the result of a visual inspection only. Additional costs may be incurred on further examination or when work has started. For example, seized parts or excessively dirty bike. This may also result in a delay to the completion date. We will inform you of any problems should they occur.

Item inspected:

We check for:

Frame + Forks Damage + Alignment
Front wheel Spokes + quick release/Axle + true
Front tyre Damage + Pressure + Tread
Front hub Play
Front brakes Block/cable wear + lever tension
Headset/steering Play
Handle bars/stem Play/damage
B/B & cranks Play/damage
Front gears Alignment + Cable wear
Rear gears Alignment + Cable wear
Chain Wear
Cassette/Freewheel Spokes + quick release/Axle + true
Rear wheel Play
Rear tyre Damage + Pressure + Tread
Rear brakes Block/cable wear, lever tension
Saddle & seat post Play Damage
Pedals Play damage