Key Success / History


Perfect Body

On Your Bike (Recycle) Ltd is a charitable social enterprise that has grown very successfully since July 2010. Donated bicycles are restored and then sold at affordable prices with the help of socially underprivileged.


Our key charitable objects include:


  • The advancement of education through training the disadvantaged/underprivileged and/or young to enable them to obtain work.
  • The promotion of conservation through the recycling/reuse of as many bikes, bike parts and even accessories, as possible.
  • The promotion of public health, by encouraging cycling to improve the health of individuals.



Track Record


Given the tiny conurbation, we have established ourselves as a professionally run, locally respected, bike recycling workshop and training / development centre.  We have recycled or serviced over 3,000 bikes plus over a ton of parts and accessories. Collectively amounting to over 2,000 man hours of training (55 individuals) from bike recycling, basic to advanced cycle mechanic & formal qualification/training, also customer service, purchasing, trainee managing, plus literacy & numeracy skills where required.


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