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One of our key aims is to train and employ disadvantaged, the socially underprivileged, ex-servicemen, homeless and the long term unemployed.

At On Your Bike we rely on our team of volunteers to help keep the charity running. Each person brings different skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the organisation, and without these people giving up their time and expertise in the community, we would not be able to keep going.


If you would like to become one of our volunteers, please contact us for more information.


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OYB takes considerable credit in the overall personal development and skill enhancement of the individuals below. We have helped a further eight  long term unemployed get work experience and we have another severely depressed, unemployed volunteer who wants to follow in the footsteps of Employee 1 with OYB.


After my mother died, I suffered from depression and actually took an over dose as suicide attempt, plus self-harmed. Being at OYB has been fantastic therapy in helping me to fight depression and show me life is worth living
OYB volunteer. March 2012


None of these employees, volunteers and trainees would be as confident or employable if  not for their time with OYB.

Employee 1 is a 57 year-old who was unemployed for 7 years, being treated for depression, and hardly able to make eye contact with people. He became a volunteer at OYB for 9 months. During this period he passed his Cytech II (industry standard) cycle mechanics qualification. Today he is employed and working as a qualified cycle mechanic and sales man.  He is now definitely able to make eye contact with the clients!

Employee 2 is a 14 year old had been diagnosed with ADHD and was bullied at school. He came to OYB as a volunteer and since being at OYB the feedback has been as follows:
” His confidence and self esteem have both improved. He has gained respect from his peer group as he is able to help them with their bike maintenance”.

Employee 3 came to OYB as a 27 year-old unemployed volunteer and now has a full time job; we believe partially because his confidence was restored with OYB.

Employee 4, a 20 year old, came to OYB as a student volunteer and through OYB has taken and passed his Cytech II. He approached a local bike shop in Taunton for a job and was told no vacancy was available but after showing them his Cytech ll certificate he was offered a trial job session. He is now employed with a South West-wide bike shop chain.

Employee 5  Twenty-one year-old came from flipping burgers and washing cars. We employed him from day one and paid for his immediate training as a City & Guilds Cycle Mechanic, which he failed first time, then retook and passed. He is now a very accomplished, skilled and competent mechanic and a very able sales person who has been left to manage OYB in the Founder’s absence; an amazing achievement. He is now tackling his dyslexia and poor literacy standards and is about ready to sit Level II exams.


If you would like to become one of our volunteers, please contact us for more information.


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