Got an old bike, unloved and lounging in the back of your shed or garage?

Or a collection of parts that used to be a bike, but are now gathering dust on a shelf?

Why not give your old bike a new life?

Don’t throw away your old bikes! Donate your old bikes to us where we will recycle them by refurbishing them and getting them fit for a new owner to ride and enjoy. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike it is, how old it is or what condition its in, we want it. If we can’t refurbish the whole bike there will certainly be parts from it that we can take and use on another bike.

All donations are welcome and all money raised by On Your Bike goes back into the chariry, allowing us to recycle more bikes and help more individuals find their way back into work.

On Your Bike has recycled or serviced over 3,000 bikes and helped over 50 individuals.
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