Meet The Team


Over the years we’ve persistently teamed up to make the bicycle community a better place for everyone, everywhere!

At On Your Bike we have a group of highly skilled mechanics who’ll be available for your bike revival needs.

We rely on our team of volunteers to help keep the charity running. Each person brings a different skill set and enthusiasm to the organisation, and without these people giving up their time and expertise in the community, we would not be able to keep going – so a big thank you to those people!

Some of our wonderful volunteers and beneficiaries



The On Your Bike mission has 3 interrelated parts:

  • To recycle and sell bicycles at prices that most people can afford.
  • To build community cohesion through promoting health benefits, training & employment and encouraging recycling
  • To operate on a sustainable financial basis through the sale of bicycles and  to support the development of cycle transport schemes and organisations that promote cycling to their staff.


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